Reframing the Baker Clause

Under the Baker Clause of the Technical and Further Education Act 2017, every school must ensure that a range of education and training providers are given the opportunity to access all students in years 8-13 to inform them about approved technical education qualifications or apprenticeships. 

Every school is required to publish a policy statement that sets out their arrangements for provider access and they must ensure it is followed.  The schools must also publish a policy statement detailing the various ways colleges and training providers will be allowed access, including details of:

  • any procedural requirements relating to requests for access; 
  • grounds for granting and refusing requests for access; and
  • details of premises or facilities to be provided to those who are granted access

The clause is enforced in three ways: 

  1. As an absolute minimum, schools must provide details of how, when and to who access is given.
  2. Action will be taken against any schools/colleges who do not comply with the clause. 
  3. Any additional careers funding for the school or college will be dependent on them meeting their compliance requirements.

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