Where does careers education fit in Ofsted Inspections?

Careers is referenced across the whole Ofsted inspection framework, but the majority falls under the personal development judgement.  Careers is being termed as the ‘Golden Thread’ throughout the whole school curriculum and Ofsted will triangulate its judgement based on the following criteria: 

  • Leadership discussions (including data and evidence) 
  • The views of the school or college’s young people
  • What the inspection team observes

Preparing your careers education programme to fit with Ofsted

Some questions to ask?

If you’re considering preparing your careers education programme to pass muster with Ofsted, your school/college should be asking the following questions:

  • Where does careers education fit within the whole school/college vision? 
  • How can careers support the delivery of whole schools/college priorities? 
  • How does our understanding of careers and its place in the school/college shape our careers programme? 
  • Is the careers programme predicated on what is right for your students? 
  • How does the careers programme meet the personal development needs of your students? 
  • How do you measure and track the impact of careers interventions? 
  • Is there a progressive careers programme with learning outcomes set to support the strategic careers policy? 
  • How are subject teachers and form tutors supported to high light the relevance of careers across the curriculum? 
  • Do all school staff know the learning objectives in the careers programme? 
  • Do all staff feel able to deliver careers learning with INTENT alongside curriculum learning and teaching? 

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